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X Forms – WordPress Form Creator Plugin

X Forms - WordPress Form Creator Plugin

X Forms WordPress Form Creator Plugin, it comes with 25 themes for your selection so it is very easy to select the one that fits your theme requirements.

X Forms - WordPress Form Creator Plugin


Clever Admin Panel Layout

The admin panel or interface is simple and you can get everything required on single screen without going to other pages to get things done. All the forms and their settings are instantly accessible with a single click. Loading time is zero when the page is open, if you click anything then you can get immediately. In simple words, there are no fancy animated icons that will irritate your while setting up the form.

Built In Anti-Spam

That’s right! The form submissions you receive are submitted by humans but not robots. This is done without captcha, proved to upset wide range of users.

4 Layout Selections

  • 1 column
  • 1 column half width
  • 2 columns
  • 3 columns

Visual Editor

You can select from the available 25 themes so it is not difficult to get something that not suits your theme. But, we added a visual editor that lets you to change form elements individually or change same element group by going through below steps:

  • Font: Change the font color, alignment, family, line height, letter spacing and transition of the element.
  • Dimensions: Just change the height and width of the element.
  • Padding: Change space between element border inwards.
  • Border: Border style can be changed as dashed, solid or dotted, change even thickness of the border along with border color and border radius.
  • Margin: Change space between border outwards.
  • Background: The background of element can be changed to linear gradient or solid color.

Form Entry Storage and Export

All the form entries can be stored and retrieved easily from the admin panel. Also, these entries can be exported as .csv file for further use.

Send Confirmation Mails

After completing the form, simply send a professional custom confirmation mail to the clients.

Multiple Forms on a Single Page

Add more than one form on one page, example: one in the content of page, one in sidebar and the other in footer.

Create Your Own Templates

It is very easy to develop a template. Simply create a form and duplicate function of the form.


 Form Elements Include:

Common Filed Types

  • Dropdown Select
  • Single Line Text Field
  • Multi-Line Text Area
  • Single Checkbox
  • Single Radio Button
  • Auto Complete
  • File Uploader

Pre-Formatted Fields:

  • Valid Email Address
  • Valid Mobile Number
  • Time Picker (popup time selection)
  • Date Picker (popup calendar selection)
  • Text Only (permits only an alphabetical value)
  • Numbers Only (accepts only numeric value from 0 to 9)

Field Groups:

  • Checkbox Group
  • Radio Button Group

Other Elements:

  • Headings 1 to 6
  • Horizontal Divider
  • Text Paragraph (permits HTML)

Admin Panel (theme-eggplant)

Theme Selection (theme-hotsneaks)

Layout Selection - 3 column (theme-UI Darkness)

Form entry view -  (theme-default)


Getting form code -  (theme-exite-bike)


User Interface - sidebar form (form theme-trontastic)


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